STATUS: Incomplete
REQUIREMENTS: .NET Runtime (built on framework 4.7.1)
DOWNLOAD | onedrive

Update Jun. 8th, 8:52 AM

  • Updated support for FFXVbinmod files created by the Mod Organizer


Project EARC is my Final Fantasy XV package extractor that allows anyone to extract content and data from the game. The absolutely silly name comes from the file extension of the Final Fantasy XV package files (.earc).

Version 2 (ffxv Scout) now extracts from all archive files of the retail version of FFXV and will repack normal archives (.earc) that can be loaded and read by the game. While a bit tedious to use to repack archives, it’s currently the best tool out there. Version 3 will be a massive improvement.

Feature List

  • Extracts from .earc and .ffxvbinmod files
  • Indexes .earc files for quick and easy searching of files within the archives
  • Search capabilities with wildcards to find the exact file and archive you’re looking for
  • Repack archives to be used in the game — currently must replace existing files

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  1. hi please help me I am trying to extract the one who takes care of the sky I do not like the hdr of the games and the fog in the distance can you help me to find the one to extract and to deactivate this horrible effect I try like to extract a file to try I find it encrypt rotten you help me I invite you to shine on face book to talk more quietly



  2. Hello, is there a way to open an earc file and remove some btex files in it witouth extract/compile again? as if a winzip file was? There are some flash effects located in VC directories which causes black screens in game when SLI is on. I have located those files but my problem is reconstruct the earc file again to be recognized by the game.



    • No. The archive needs to rebuilt because all of the offsets for each file need to be recalculated and the data for each file needs to be aligned. While the process could be made easier, parts of the archive would still need to be rewritten to account for the missing files.

      As for what you’re trying to accomplish, you can ask people on the FFXV reddit discord in the modding channel. There may be some people there who can help you.


  3. I would be easier to contribute to your project, if you move it to GitHub or something similar.


    • You’re not the first to mention putting it on GitHub. I don’t actually have a GitHub account and really don’t know the first thing about using it. However, I’ll look into it and see about possibly doing that.


  4. Hello Jon,
    A big thanks for your work (this is the beginning of a big adventure 😉 )
    Could you say me if it’s possible to decrypt the “exml” files of the game or there is no way to do it ?
    I thank you in advance.
    Great day.


  5. This is a nice tool. Thanks.
    How did you build it?


  6. sayhiJON,

    Quick question, I am new to the modding scene and I trying to use FFXV scout to extract from some ffxvbinmod files, but when I load up the program and browse to the binmod file, it doesn’t even show it in the browser window.

    I thought scout could extract from ffxbinmod files? Am I doing something wrong? Why can’t I see it.

    Sorry if this is a fairly simply answer. Would appreciate the help. Thanks.


  7. Hi Jon,

    Search doesn’t want to work. I can run the search with an empty field and get ALL the things to show up, but if I search any terms, nothing at all shows up, even if I know the term should show in some files (ex: chocobo)



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