Holy crap, it’s Project EARC v2

I know it’s been a while but I was busy with school, competing in IEM Katowice and then had my hands full with figuring out the hashes for the FFXV Archive files.

I wanted to leave ffxv Scout in beta testing a while longer and refine it a bit more before releasing it but between the people asking for it and potential competitors, I decided to go ahead and release it.

The new version of ffxv Scout will extract, pack, repack, index and search archives for the retail version of Final Fantasy XV. This means we, as a community, are now one step closer to fully modding the game and turning it into our hearts desires.

Hopefully, you guys can rip ffxvScout apart, help me improve it and start churning out some awesome mods!

You can grab the latest version from the project page for Project EARC.